About JAMF

The founders of JAMF have been working in the metal fabrication industry since 1984 as installers and fabricators of architectural metals. We made the decision to manufacture our own architectural elements because we were looking for 3 things; quality products, custom designs, and on-time delivery. We purchased from sheet metals shops and discovered inconsistencies piece to piece, requiring extensive field fabricating to achieve a clean architectural look.

Discouraged by inferior quality – and six week waiting periods – we decided to become the metal fabricators we’d want to work with. In 1995 because of the increase in demand for Architectural Metal products, we became full-time manufacturers. Our past experience in the roofing industry has given us the experience and expertise to give insight as to what the customer needs.

As a result, we established JAMF – Jackson Architectural Metal Fabricators, Inc.

All of our metal products are fabricated with the installers interests in mind, ensuring faster and easier assembly. Using state-of-the-art metal fabricating equipment, consistency and high volume are no problem.